Houses built so close together that they’re touching!

Many of our South Brisbane and Logan followers may have seen the above photo  circulating recently in the media. For those who haven’t seen this story, changes  needed to be made to the placement of the garage to fit the building plans onto the  available land. Miscommunication between the builder and their client led to this part  of the house being built so close to the neighbouring property, that the gutters were  touching. 

While this story made big news, the reality is it’s not an uncommon occurrence,  especially in inner-city suburbs. This is a classic example of a builder changing plans without the homeowner’s approval and leaving them with a logistical nightmare. Let’s  face it, many of us have great neighbours, but you don’t want to be so close you can  exchange cups of sugar through the kitchen window!

Throughout the building process, we take several steps to protect your investment  from disaster. 

With you every step of the way 

We work with you throughout the process guiding and coordinating your meetings with  the appropriate suppliers and contractors to ensure your needs and wants are  communicated to all stakeholders. 

Inspect, Inspect, Inspect 

When all works are completed, we do a final walk-through inspection to ensure you  are happy with all aspects of your home. We also arrange for any required third-party  inspections to be undertaken. 

Our Ongoing Commitment 

We maintain a good relationship with our client’s post-construction making us easy to  approach and contactable so if any warranties issues arise, we can sort it out straight  away. As we stand by the quality of our homes and the high standard of our  workmanship, we cover your home by a six-year structural warranty and a twelve month maintenance period.

Finally, everything goes into writing! Putting all details of the project on paper is the  best way to protect our valued clients. 

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