Jess from JMC Interiors has a love for laundries. We’ve been chatting to designers around Brisbane to deliver tips and tricks to our clients, and here’s what Jess had to say about sprucing up your laundry.
The laundry is often the forgotten space, the space that guests don’t see, the afterthought, an opportunity to save on cost and the last place in which many of us think to get creative. But consider this. So few of us actually enjoy doing chores (I ask you, anyone?), how much more enjoyable would they be in a room that makes you feel energised, motivated, and dare I say it – happy?
It need not break the bank. If you need to avoid stone for cost efficiency, not to worry. The technological advancements in cabinetry surfaces such as cost effective laminates, not to mention a varied colour and pattern palette ensures that there is something to choose from to support any colour scheme and to withstand considerable wear and tear.
Brightly coloured splashbacks are a surefire way to inject pizzazz into the space. Most of us have a small splashback in terms of surface area so the cost is therefore relatively low. Try to aim for tiles that are priced per meter. Those priced ‘per sheet’ (such as mosaics) can be a cost trap so be sure to understand what you are choosing before you commit. And if you want to jazz up a subway, talk to your builder about the cost of alternative laying patterns. Depending on your tile, you can also use your grout to add contrast against a plain tile.
Add styling elements that are useful, especially if space is at a premium. And don’t hesitate to throw a piece of artwork on your wall. Framed kids’ drawings are a great way to add colour (you can be sneaky and give them a selection of colours to work with that match your feature tiles), or you could add typography prints to inspire. Also, add greenery; even if you do not have a green thumb, the visual is still great for mental health so invest is a respectable fake.
Finally, when choosing your exterior laundry access, make sure you have plenty of light, and fresh air. If privacy is a problem, opt for translucent glass which still allows diffused light into the room when the door and/or window is closed. These choices are not only a way to reduce mould growth, but much better for your mental health than a dark, damp room.
Considering how much time many of us spend in our laundries, let’s show them a bit of love!
– Jess from JMC Interiors

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