COVID-19 has had a few strange effects on the industry in the last year, one of which is the  sudden resurgence in home construction and renovations. Since the initial building  slump in early 2020, building approvals for private residences are back up in  Queensland by 7.7% and rising. 

The government’s HomeBuilder grants are further boosting residential construction  and renovation. With $25,000 up for grabs, home-owners are closer towards their goal of achieving their dream  home. With competition for work fierce, and many operators out there in the Brisbane Building and Construction game, we thought we’d highlight why our clients have truly enjoyed their building experience with Frampton Builders.

The personal touch 

With Frampton Builders, you will be working with a tight-knit crew throughout the  whole process. We get to know you personally, so that we understand what’s important to you. Our clients speak volumes about our pre-construction, construction, and post-construction service. For us, it’s all in the personal touch and details.

Custom building 

With a big builder, or off-the-plan design, you get a layout that’s relatively similar, or sometimes even identical to your neighbour! With us, every choice is yours. We build your home, exactly how you  want, to suit the lifestyle you desire. Our partnership with Design360 lets us build a full-scale digital model  for you to walk through before we even start construction. You have the peace-of-mind knowing that your home will be perfect, no nasty surprises half-way through construction! Working with Frampton Builders means you get to customise every detail. 

Quality and speed 

When we work with you, your dream is our priority. We value high-quality builds, and are extremely selective about the work we take on. We aren’t just building a house with four walls, we’re building your home, and the building process is something you will remember for a very long time. The quality of our relationship with you is just as important as our workmanship. Therefore, we never take on work that we can’t deliver within required time frames. Even better, we offer post-construction care, ensuring that you’re 100%  satisfied with our workmanship and materials.

Reach out today to see your building plans come to life!

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